Monday, February 27, 2012


When the doors finally closed out of our indifference, they blacked out the light once and for all. That was a sliver of the hopelessness in my reflection on the wall, it was staring through the void straight back at me and I gleamed at the now gaping holes in the floor because I knew the answers and how they had to hurt. Questions? There wouldn't be time for those anymore. These are the days we left behind and they're leaning over what was asked for, what was expected, and what actually occurred. Empty souls ascended to the stars and gave us lonely constellations and I glared at their mocking omniscience and hated him for it. I had become one too. The dust of diamonds now rains over the hills we once claimed "ours."

I stood at the edge of morality and looked the man straight in his eyes. I stood at the verge of virtue and felt the mud and muck of a thousand generations of dirty little ants with their dirty little armies and they swarmed the Earth and cried out "Justice!"

In the weariness of my shriveled heart I wept and begged myself to remain in the indifference, that this was shame, undeserved, incontrovertibly hypocrisy. Vengeance versus vengeance, rage against rage, and we were both human. We were both rationalizing our desires towards destruction for survival's sake, so I grabbed the knife anyway.

Monday, February 20, 2012

To The Words Now Gone

We've been weaving colors all day
and when the birds left the ground
there was nothing more for us to say.
There's a face in the huddled crowd out there,
who draws in circles of soap on the pavement
and he smiles at the trees falling down on his head
and he smiles at the wind crushing his heart instead.
But there's a trap,
at the end of every road
the traveler with his splintering stick will never know
it leads back to his soul
back to his darkened soul
that lit up
only around you
and the words we never knew.
And then, that soap swirling genius
glides his hands through the clouds
he's dancing in the dripping rains of clarity
he's shadowboxing the vigilance
he's drowning in the patience
and he's a sliver of the madness
only God's could know....
And then we buried it in the ground
and those words we spoke,
they never came back around.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Farewell, Florida. There are words but at this point, what do they possibly matter? It was all a very strange dream I had once. I woke up and the world was this way. I'll fly away too someday.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I don't feel so well tonight. I just want to hide. I just want to hide. I just want to hide. I want everything to be fixed. I want to be re-born. I want to go back in time. I don't want this to hurt anymore. I just want to hide. I don't want people, I don't want anything but my books and my music. I just want all of it to get better. I can't understand anything anymore. I can't think straight. I can't find anything to connect with. I'm watching everything falling down in front of me. I just want to hide. I don't want to be here anymore. I can't breath. No one can hear me. I just want to hide.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Red Tide

...and then we all danced around the wildfire like banshees
we were crazy locomotives with flailing instruments
there was no need to tell the time
when we were howling on the dark side of the moon
through space and time
and I was on my way back to you.
Through the dunes
the violent, insanity of those goddamn dunes
we were in the middle of nowhere too
but nothing spoke as loud as my heart
so much louder now, you jumped from the dirt mounds
to the grey sea to melt quiescently
and I forced a bone down my throat.
But somehow when the bottles were crushed
and the weight of the solar star collapsed,
we were free again of our chains.
Sailing openly above crimson tides,
vacant volcanoes became our home
and I'd wake, making love underneath you.
Come at me when all is lost,
watch me burn, burn
tell me your secrets,
how you never lied.
you're the only one in the room who'd be on my side
and then whisper it all to the rock in the sky
that for a few breezes, I was there too
and then, just then, we stopped time.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing You Could Buy.

In so many words
I'm falling asleep.
Falling away
far far away
take oranges over philosophical discussions
over empty mountains
hang over the water
these are the days
over a pile of boiling black mold we now see.
grasping my blindful
this is all too much
but, oh, sweet hunger, I'm hanging on
to one good thing
I felt in me.
imagine mirror images across the room
clinging my arms around the falseness in the air
blood runs silk through the river
to the whispering trees
as I see, there's no more daylight to breed
it has planted the seed.
How can I save me from me?
In so many words
I'm falling asleep
falling away
far far away.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I hit the soil.
I hit the very skin of this place.
Spirit fly,
hit the sky and bounce to the ground
dig into the ground
to the blood of the Earth
and leave it where it's found.
heart hit the wind
and keep the passion all within
unleash upon the mightiest of waterborne spirits
the shakers of the earth
the movers of the soil
the strikers of the wind
deserve the passion within
Earthbound souls.